Stadea 4 Inch Dry Diamond Sanding Polishing Pad Disc Concrete Stone Marble Granite Polishing Series Standard D, 1 Piece

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Stadea concrete granite stone diamond polishing pad 4 inch dry sanding pad one (1) piece for stone concrete granite polishing. The Stadea Series Super A pad works great for granite marble concrete glass terazzo travertine polishing and sanding. It is semi flexible and can polish either countertops flat or contoured surfaces. It is available in grit 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 400, 500, 800, 1500, 3000, Buff. It is aggresive and durable, and is very handy to prepare the surface for polishing, stock removal and levelling of stone surface, countertops. Dry polishing pads can be used with low speed grinders. Dry polishing generates dust, use ventilated area and protect nose, eyes.

How to Polish Granite Concrete Marble Stone using Stadea dry diamond pads

  1. Always wear protection for eyes, nose, hands, safety glass, gloves and apron. Never use high speed grinder and exceed rated RPM.
  2. Secure/fasten the stone, it should not slide while polishing.
  3. Attach velcro backer pad and polishing pads to polisher evenly else it may wobble. Start polishing with grit 50 at low rpm, adjust rpm as needed. Verify the entire polished stone surface has same level of smoothness before moving to next grit. If not, continue polishing with same grit. Generally above grit 400 grit surface is scratch free.
  4. Repeat step 3, for each higher grit one by one starting grit 50 till 3000. Don't skip any grit in between. Most of the stone will show shine starting grit 800. If one still sees scratches beyond grit 800 and 1500, it is a sign that step 3 is not followed correctly in lower grits.


stadea-diamond-tools-100-100.jpgSTADEA offers industrial diamond tools, power tools and range of tools accessories. STADEA is a rapidly growing brand known for its quality tools for stone fabrication, manufacturing, cutting, grinding, polishing such as diamond polishing pads hole saws floor polishing pads router bit profile grinding wheels and more! STADEA is one of the preferred choices for concrete stone fabricators and manufacturers for its top notch quality and competitive pricing. STADEA is registered trademark of ePortal LLC, Santa Clara CA.