Diamond Core Bit Hole Saw

Diamond hole saw bits are also known as diamond core drill bits. It is used to core/drill through Granite, tile, concrete, masonry, Marble, Granite tile, Marble tile, Ceramic tile, Porcelain tile, artificial and natural stone. It contains a circular core drill bit/hole drill bit that helps cut through stone / concrete / tile core. The hole saw can be used with a drill, grinder for creating circular hole. Its cup shape height determines the depth of cut that can be done by the diamond core hole. The hole saw bit is used for materials that are quite hard to cut and generally brittle. Granite is one of the hardest natural stone. Most of granite countertop needs holes for faucet, granite hole saw can make these holes easily. Core bits/hole saws abrasive segments are made of alloy/hard metal with impregnated diamond. These diamond tip acts as abrasive and cuts through the material like Ceramic tile, Granite, concrete, Marble, bricks, masonry etc easily. The exclusive design of our diamond core drill bits improves the effectiveness of cutting with its perfect diamond sharp edges. This is a preferred drilling tool to get the perfect finish and professional result. The diamond hole saw bits are used for faster and easier cut for perfect circular holes. These diamond tools are very handy and useful in the construction works wherever the core holes need to be created for installing piping, faucets etc in the tiles concrete masonry or stone. It is used quite effective to drill holes in vanities as well as counter tops. Granite hole saw easily can cut through softer stones and concrete. Smaller sizes like 1" diamond hole saw till 2" diamond hole saws are useful for creating core for faucet installation. These can be used for dry coring/cutting or wet coring/cutting. Whenever possible, wet cutting is suggested for elongated life of diamond tool and dust free coring. Most of stone fabrication also needs cutting the stone, use diamond saw blades for cutting granite marble tiles etc.

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