STADEA 2 Inches Wide Blue Painters Tape Masking Tape for Painting, Labeling Multi Surface Residue-Free for Indoor and Outdoor 55 Yard Long High Performance Roll - Pack of 1,2,4,6 & 24

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  • Stadea BLUE PAINTERS MASKING TAPE: 2 Inch wide, 55 yard long painters tape made of strong crepe paper with excellent adhesion - Pack of 1,2,4,6,24.
  • WORKS ON MULTI SURFACE: It is designed to hold firmly onto multiple surfaces like smooth or lightly textured walls, wood, metal window frames, tile, glass, hardwood floors
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ADHESION: Blue painters masking tape has ability to bond surfaces under different environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations, UV exposure, and moisture
  • LEAVES NO STICKY RESIDUE : The glue leaves no residue on the surface upto 7 days of indoor use and tape removal does not damage the surface
  • STRONG TO PULL & EASY TO TEAR SIDE WAYS : Masking tape creape paper is extra strong to pull and resists breaking. It is easy to tear side ways with hand, no scissors needed to cut the tape. Offered in multi pack in small and bulk packing