Soudaflex PU35 Polyurethane Sealant

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Soudaflex PU35 is a high-quality, polyurethane sealant designed to provide a long-lasting, flexible seal in a wide variety of applications and features a ±35% joint movement

  • Permanently elastic after curing 
  • One-component 
  • Good weather and UV resistance
  • Can be applied between 41°F and 86°F.
  • Can be painted with most paint systems, no primer needed for most surfaces
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical joints
  • Designed for all types of joints where maximum depth of sealant will not exceed 1/2 in. 
  • No bubble formation within sealant (in high temperature and humidity applications)
  • All usual building joints with high movement
  • Connection joints between window frames, doorframes and walls
  • Expansion joints between many different construction materials
  • Joints with large movement
  • Sealing of shrinking joints in concrete floors
  • Sealing of floor joints