Stadea Diamond Floor Polishing Pads Concrete Stone Floor Polishers Polishing, Series Crt J

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Stadea Series CRT J, Diamond Floor Polishing Pad 3" diameter with 10 MM thickness are perfect for floor polishing using floor polishers. Designed for concrete floor polishing, stone floor polishing. Floor polishing pads are diamond impregnated resin bond pads with velcro on the back for quick connect to floor polishers.

This listing has 1 PIECE professional grade floor polishing pad, available in Grit 50, Grit 100, Grit 200, Grit 400, Grit 800, Grit 1500, Grit 3000.

Part Name : Stadea Series CRT J Diamond Floor Polishing Pad
Diameter : 3"
Pad Thickness : 10 MM
Available Grit : 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000
Back Attachment: Velcro
Application : Concrete Floor Polishing, Stone Floor Polishing