Stadea Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel 4" for Quartzite Granite Quartz Petrified Wood Agate Concrete Grinding Sanding, Series Ultra G

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Resin-Filled Continuous Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel for Quartzite Granite Hard Stone Grinding

Stadea Series Ultra G - 4 Inch resin-filled continuous diamond grinding wheel is designed for hard material, Quartzite, Granite, Petrified Wood, Agate grinding and surface preparation. It works very well for quartz, engineered stone grinding as well.

  • For Hard Stone Grinding - Designed for grinding hard stones such as Quartzite, Granite, Petrified wood, Agate. Works very well for Quartz, engineered stone grinding as well
  • Faster Grinding - Sintered High-quality diamond made in Korea with diamond impregnated resin for faster aggressive grinding
  • Chip Free Grinding - Uniquely designed Diamond impregnated resin-filled continuous grinding surface for chip free smooth grinding surface
  • Desired Smoothness - Available in Coarse (Grit 50), Medium (Grit 100), Fine (Grit 200) to easily achive required smoothness after grinding
  • Durable - Thicker diamond segment for extended life
  • Available as individual grits or as set

Techinical Specification - Stadea Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel, Series Ultra G

  • Wet/Dry Usage - Can be used with or without water


stadea-diamond-tools-100-100.jpgStadea is a rapidly growing professional diamond tools brand for stone concrete fabrication, cutting, grinding, polishing. Stadea superior quality, efficient, durable, and competitive priced hand and CNC diamond tools bring in great value for professionals and reduce their overall operational cost