How to Polish Marble Edges Using Marble Diamond Polishing Pads Kit

How to Polish Marble Edges Using Marble Diamond Polishing Pads Kit

Posted by Sumit K Suman, President Shop N Save Mart on 19th Apr 2015

Marble is one of the most desired stone for centuries, year 1632 Tajmahal one of the seven wonder of world was made entirely from Marble. With time, the desire of marble stone for flooring, monuments, and walls has only increased. One of the reasons for its high popularity is its natural magnificent feel and its sooth ness. However, it is quite expensive and shows its real beauty when it is polished perfectly. Homeowners and professionals look for the effective methods on how to polish marble that they can enjoy the real intrinsic beauty of marble. For most expected polishing and eye-catching appearance on marble floors, one must need to apply exact polishing method to polish edges, floors, monuments and countertops of marble stones. You can follow the details in this writing for best marble honing polishing. No matter, what is your expertise level; you will find the instruction useful. Even first timer DIY who just has a basic idea about marble and polishing, will benefit it will help to achieve better professional polishing.

Marble sanding polishing is not hard, anyone can complete the polishing process with diamond marble polishing pads by following basic set of rules to polish marble stones successfully. Professional polishing service is also available in almost every city, but it is much expensive. For the reason, people always look for an easy way to polish the marble stones themselves saving money as well as gaining sense of achievement. Let’s take a look how to polish marble effectively DIY:

Tools Needed to Polish Marble

  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Protective mask
  • Work Table
  • Cleaning towels
  • Water
  • A complete set of diamond polishing pads (Grit 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grits)
  • Wet polisher or grinder
  • Marble sealer


Safety Tips

  • Make sure that you have using the safety glass
  • Use protective mask to be safe from dust
  • Use protective gloves
  • Read all warning for wet polisher and follow all recommended cautions and warnings.

Steps For Marble Edge Polishing

The marble honing polishing steps involves usage of several grit sizes of diamond marble polishing pads with a wet stone polisher grinder. The results are highly noticeable when the correct process is executed.

  1. Place the marble slab on a work table / stand; make sure that it doesn’t move while working. It is not necessary but is a good idea to mask places near to the marble stone that can be harmed by water, masking tape is an excellent item to use in this purpose.
  2. Carefully look on the marble slab edges. A profiled or saw cur edge may have some sharp and heavy scratches. Smaller grit sizes (50, 100, 200) are perfect to remove the heavy scratches and higher grit sizes (1500, 3000) are suitable to achieve shiny finishing.
  3. Attach the backing pads to wet polisher, ensure it is switched off before attaching it. Now you can begin the polishing process, open the diamond marble polishing kit and start with grit 50 polishing pad. Attach 50 grits to the velcro of backing pad slowly open water flow for wet polisher. Start polisher at low rpm and start polishing the marble edge with side-to-side motion, not more than four or five times. With lower grits, too many iteration can grind more than needed without adding any value to polishing finish.
  4. After repeating the process with other small sizes grits, you can find a better smooth surface that are free from all saw marks, old sealant or wax. Use the grinder initially as low speed and as needed increase its speed slowly for faster polishing suitable for specific stone.
  5. Ensure every single part of surface is polished with the grit before moving to higher grit. Any unpolished area with lower grit will result in sub optimal shine. A good way to ensure every single part of edge is polished is to wipe the edge surface with gently squeezed wet cleaning towel, and polish dry. The heat will evaporate the water where it is already polished. Ensure entire water evaporates then perform one more round of wet polishing. Move to the very next higher grit once the entire surface is polished.
  6. Continue and repeat the processes with diamond marble polishing kit from lower grits to higher grit until you get your desired finish. Make sure that you have used grits from lower to higher, apply gradually all the grits 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grits. Don’t use more than the double grits from the first diamond marble polishing pads. Maintain the regularity to using the polishing pads.
  7. Use one by one pad until the polish starts to shine accurately. Then, vacuum the area as needed to remove any debris. You would find good shine at grit 800, and as you progress to grit 1500 and 3000 it will start getting mirror like finish.

Using Sealer on Marble

Marble is a porous stone, and it is very important to seal its pores with a marble sealer, it creates a protective layer and closes all exposed pores on marble surface. It keeps fluids from infiltrating the marble stone piece. Make sure that you have purchased the sealer that is specifically manufactured for marble. The sealers are available at any home improvement shops and online stores.

Apply sealer using a container or sprayer to make sure the stone is covered consistently. Wait to soak into the marble stone for about 30 minutes. When you notice that the sealer is dried perfectly, use some more on the outer area. Delay almost two hours and then use the sealer again to achieve the highest outcome from this process of how to polish marble. Always use two layers of sealer on the marble slabs for the best result.

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