How to Polish Granite, Marble Tile Edges

How to Polish Granite, Marble Tile Edges

Posted by Sumit K Suman, President Shop N Save Mart on 18th Feb 2015

Do you need to polish a granite edges or marble slab tile edges for your DIY countertop or vanity top, you would be amazed to find how easy polishing granite edges, granite marble tile edging are. One can get professional shine with moderate effort and hand skill. All you need is a low speed or variable speed polisher grinder and diamond polishing pad set and couple more accessories and of course your enthusiasm. With moderate do it yourself skill, you may achieve the professional quality finish and shine for stone edges including marble slab edges, granite edges or other stone and concrete edges. The following systematic steps can help you to understand how to polish granite edges and marble tile edges accurately.

Edge polishing can be done using polishing tools - dry polishing pads or wet polishing pads, the technique are similar but not same. The steps below describe dry polishing technique for edge polishing.

Tools Needed For Granite Marble Edge Polishing

  • Dry Diamond Polishing Pads
  • Low speed or variable speed grinder polisher
  • Velcro backing pad holder / Hook and loop backing pads holder
  • Clamp and a piece of wood


Safety Tips

  • Always wear a safety glass
  • Use mask to avoid dust
  • Always use hand gloves
  • Use a hearing protection ear plug or similar and use that when polishing

Steps to Polish Granite Marble Edges

  1. You should have a complete collection of marble granite polishing pads including 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grits. You need to use them one by one to attain the excellent finishing.
  2. Now attach the Velcro backing pads holder with the grinder rotating clockwise and hand-tighten it so that it is not loose when working.
  3. Now you need clamps and a piece of wood to hold the marble or granite slab tiles in place and to prevent it from moving while polishing.
  4. Place the tile accurately, keep the wood piece on top of stone and tighten the wood’s position on the tile so that the tile can’t move where you are polishing. A clamp directly on stone would scratch the stone, for that reason a wood piece is used. A loosely clamped stone would create a slip and would potentially result in black mark on stone.
  5. Make sure that the tile is safely secured with wood over it, (You surely never want to see scratches on the tile).
  6. Now, you are completely ready to start polishing. Attach the 50 grit polishing pad to the Velcro holder. Make sure that you are using the grinder with below 2500 RPM.
  7. Begin polishing now, move the grinder from left to right. Remove all saw marks and scratches carefully. Position the grinder in slight angle and gradually polish the granite edges or marble slab edges from one side to another. Be careful at bottom edge to remove objects, do it slowly.
  8. Now remove 50 grit and attach the 100 grit pad, continue the same process like before. 100 grit pads are used to remove all remaining saw marks.
  9. Now use 200 grit pads to remove very slight scratches. Continue like above two steps; polish the edges from one side to another, left to right.
  10. Now attach 400 grit with Velcro backed holder and continue the same process. It is the first step to achieve shiny polishing on the marble slab.
  11. Attach 800 grit polishing pad and polish the edges from left to right. For many softer stones and concrete, you may find the shiny stone at this stage. For very hard stones, continue this step some times more.
  12. Sometimes, you can complete final finishing with the 1500 grit. Continue the previous method to polish the edges and do it until you notice the eye-catching shiny polishing.
  13. Remove the 1500 grit and attach 3000 grit diamond polishing pad. Polish from left to right, continue the process and stop when you are satisfied with the polishing.
  14. Finally, you know the process how to polish granite edges and you have now shiny polished tiles ready to install immediately.

Granite Polishing Pads Kit

Granite polishing pads are especially designed for grind and polish hard stones such as Granite, Jade etc.

Marble Granite Floor Polishing

If you are working on Granite or Marble floor polishing, the tools used and polishing pads used are different from edge polishing. Refer to the details below for granite marble floor polishing: How to Polish Marble Floors

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