4" Premium Grit 30 Diamond Polishing Pads Wet/Dry 10 Pc

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This set has Grit 30, 10 Pieces Wet/Dry professional grade 4" diamond Polishing Pads.

  • Pro Grade Wet/Dry, Diameter 4", Height 3 MM, Velcro Backed Flexible
  • Ten (10) Pieces of Grit 30 Pads or Custom Grits
  • Lower grits pads work well Dry without water for good amount of time. Optimal RPM 2200, Max RPM 5000
  • Perfect for Granite, Concrete, Marble, Stone, Tiles etc.
  • Aggressive and Durable made with qualityDiamond Powder impregnated in Resin

Do you need Custom Grits, specify in Seller's note