Diatex GREScut Diamond Bridge Saw Blades for Porcelain, Dekton, Neolith and Ceramic - 14 Inch and 16 Inch Porcelain

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GREScut; Ceramic/Porcelain Blade for Laminam,Neolith,RAK,and Porcelain slabs


  • The GREScut blade is certified by NEOLITH and is ideal for cutting NEOLITH slabs 3, 6, 12, and 20-mm thick.
  • Thanks to its sandwich sector,this disk allows a perfectly finished cut with no breakage or chipping. The sandwich sector is characterized by a harder central grain and two finer external grains allowing the best-cut finish possible. GREScut bridge saw blades are ideal for straight cutting Laminam,Neolith,Techlam,Kerlite,Sinterflex,Kedra,Ultra,Atlasplan,Maxfine,Zero.3,Project Evolution, and RAK materials

Diameters: GREScut blades come in 3 different diameters: 300 mm (12”), 350 mm (14”), and 400 mm (16”) with a silent or standard core.

  • Blade with thickened core: Grescut version 300 – 3mm
  • The 300 mm (12-inch) diameter version is also available with an increased thickness of 3.00 mm (0.20 inch) instead of 2.2mm (0,08 inch).
  • Having a small diameter blade with such a thick core allows vibrations to be reduced to a minimum during cutting and for this reason, it is a blade particularly suitable for 45° inclined cuts. It is a disc used on miter-cutting machines such as the Miter Saw 45° cuts – Manta JR Basic

Arbor holes: The blades come with a standard 60-mm arbor hole and a reducer bushing of 50 mm. We supply blades with different arbor holes. Please indicate any special hole or attachment needs (i.e., for Breton, machines, or Donatori, Bridge saw, or if your manufacturer has additional hole patterns), please indicate this in the notes field during product checkout, or contact us via email or phone should you have any other questions.