Disco 3 Step 4" Wet Polishing Pad Set -"Captain Model"

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Disco 3 Step 4" Long Lasting Wet Polishing Pad Set -"Captain Model", better quality finish than traditional 7 step pads

  • These are from Disco for stone fabrication and will cut your polishing time down whether you polish wet or dry! By utilizing this 3-step system for your polishing process you eliminate most of the steps, saving 50% labor, doubling production, while maintaining the same high-quality finish you want. Disco 3-Step hybrid pads have fully achieved this result, and you must experience it to believe!
  • They are a full 3mm thick for a long life, and these hybrid pads can be run wet or dry!
  • The end result: 1) Better quality finish than traditional 7 step pads 2) 40%-60% faster shop production 3) Priced at the traditional 7 step quality polish pad price
  • Benefits for you as a fabricator: 1) No worries about the quality of work going out of your shop because of pad issues 2) Drastic increase in shop production. Get more footage out the door every single day 3) Using 1 pad, the fabricators in the back get extremely familiar with pads and can get greater efficiency and life out of the pads. 4) Using 1 pad it makes it more simple for purchasing, less cost in multiple types of pads
  • Better results will be active if its used on quartz(Engineered stone).