Diatex DEKCUT Dekton Bridge Saw Blade 14"-16"-18"

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Diatex DEKCUT Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

 The DIATEX DekCut® Cutting Blade has been engineered to cut Dekton® and is gaining in popularity as solid surfaces, facades, siding and flooring. • Substantially increase your cutting speeds for the material. Available in 14″, 16″ & 18″.

• No chipping and no blow-outs

• Neatly cuts at 45º angles

• Available in silent and normal cores

 Diatex Dekcut silent core bridge saw blades are a recent addition to Diatex’s popular Pokerline family of blades.  The Dekcut was engineered specifically for cutting Dekton material; its design begins with a special diamond matrix that cuts Dekton rapidly and leaves behind an ultra- clean edge. Sandwich segment construction keeps the segment edges straight and not rounding over. This keeps the blade cutting straight and prevents walking. The blade core is produced using high quality European steel for added durability and rigidity. In addition, laser cutouts have been added across the core of the blade, this reduces vibration and prevents warping due to thermal expansion. 


  • High-quality diamond bond produces clean consistent cut in Dekton
  • European steel core has added strength to prevent blade wobble or deflection
  • Sandwich-style segments hold their shape delivering a straighter cut with reduced walking;
  • Laser cutouts across the core of the blade to reduce vibration and prevent warping.