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Trio 3 Step Flexible Polishing Pad Set

Trio 3 Step Flexible polishing pads system is designed for creating a superior polish on natural and engineered stone surfaces. Its flexibility makes it particularly effective for polishing curved stone surfaces in just 3 steps. Perfect for non-flat surfaces like sink bowls and curved edge profiles such as bullnose, ogee, and half bullnose profiles.

Geometric Water Displacement Technology

The polishing pad's surface utilizes a geometrically shaped pattern designed to displace the water as you are polishing. Since the pad is engineered to allow water to flow across the pad more effeciently, hydroplaning is controlled and the pad is able to "bite" into the stone better. As aresult, the pad polishes faster than conventional brick patterned pads.

Because of the variations in the straight edges of the pattern on the Trio 3 Step felxible stone polishing pad, the segments of the polishing surface's edge tend to last much longer since the contact surface is more evenly distributed across the edge of the pad.

High Quality Flexible Polishing Pad

The Trio 3 Step polishing system is a high quality flexible polishing pad that is a full 3mm thick. Additionally, these pads are full of premium quality diamonds and resin that is effective on all sorts of natural and engineered stone products.

Another quality feature of the Trio 3 Step system is that thse pads are constructed using a white hybrid resin that won't bleed or mark up natural or engineered stone surfaces. This makes them great for light and dark stone surfaces of all types - including quartz.

Flexibility In More Ways Than One

Referring to the Trio 3 Step polishing pad system as flexible applies in more than one way. True, the pads themselves are constructed of a highly flexible resin that makes them extremely effective for polishing in tight spots and on the curves of various styles of stone surfaces. For example, the inside of sinks are no problem for the Trio system since it flexes to contour with the shape of the surface it is polishing.

Flexible also describes the kinds of surfaces on which the Trio polishing pad system can can be used. This 3 part polishing process is felxible in that you can polish any color or type of stone using it. Working with light colored quartzite? Three and out! What about dark Uba Tuba granite? Same pad, different day! The Trio 3 Step system is so versatile, you can use it on virtually any stone material; engineered or natural.


  • 3mm Thick

  • Extremely Flexible

  • Max RPM: 4500

  • Water Displacing Geometric Pattern

  • White Hybrid Color-safe Resin